Gnomes is a fast paced single player game designed for PS4. In the game you play as two no-good gnomes who are are out for a quick buck so they steal a removal van and pose as removal men to steal the possessions of an elderly woman.
The aim of the game is to steal as many objects before the real removal men appear and ruin their cunning plan. This project took place over two semesters with a team of 15 people.
My responsibilities for this project included the character design for the Gnomes, the UI as well as some in game 3D models.

Watch the game teaser here:

  • Role Character Artist, Props, UI
  • For University of Abertay
  • Type game
  • URL
  • Game Engine Unity

In game screenshot featuring my sofa asset.

In game screenshot featuring my UI along the top of the screen. The top left is the coin counter used to tell the player the value of the objects they’ve stolen. The middle bar tells the player how much time they have left. Once the van reaches the house time’s up. The far right features one of 6 different Granny emotions. If the player upsets her too much the game ends.

Stages of Granny icon

Animated score counter

Concept sketches for the gnomes. This was the final design for the gnome characters, Joyce (top) and Larry (bottom). When designing these characters careful consideration as to how they would function was important. It was imperative that Joyce’s arms were long enough to realistically grab objects. This, combined with Larry’s longer than usual legs, also helped portray the illusion of them having plausible human proportions when one is on top of the other. This was important to tie in with the games narrative.

I also wanted to convey the characters expressive personalities. With Joyce being the grumpy leader of the pair and Larry being the lovable, dim-witted sidekick.

This was the final characters created by the 3D artist, Michael Nicholson.

Beauty shot of the poodle asset found in game as a collectable. The poodle came in three variations; marble, bronze or stone.

Wireframe of Poodle statue

Three variations of poodle. Stone,Bronze and Marble

Beauty render of sofa asset – This was another collectable item

Wireframe of sofa statue